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SB954 Star Cluster Diamond Bracelet

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SB954 5 ct. 242 Dia. 176x.018, 44x.024, 22x.04=5.10 ct. 16.2 Gr. (1.5mm, 1.75mm, 2.25mm)
SB954 6 ct. 220 Dia. 160x.02, 40x.035, 20x.07=6.00 ct. 18.0 Gr. (1.7mm, 2mm, 2.6mm)
SB954 7 ct. 209 Dia. 152x.027, 38x.037, 19x.08=7.03 ct. 20.0 Gr. (1.8mm, 2.1mm, 2.8mm)
SB954 8 ct. 198 Dia. 144x.033, 36x.04, 18x.10=7.99 ct. 23.0 Gr. (2mm, 2.3mm, 3mm)

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